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Escape Hotel was build in the 70’s by Mr John, the owner, who moved in the minute it was ready. He and his wife, Madame Butterfly.
From this forbidden love, Isabel and João were born and the family lived in the hotel along with all the costumers.

Madame Butterfly used to offer magnificent dinners and Mr. John amazing soirées. The children had the love from everyone and they liked to play in the basement, where their dad used to stay for hours.

The kids became adults and João decided to practise his medicine skills abroad, where he felt he could grow. Mr John died from unknown cause and not long after Isabel died too.
Madame Butterfly still lives in the hotel. Disturbed by her grief, she wanders in the halls and continues to offer her dinners. But their are not the same they used to be.
The employees of the hotel are the one’s who keep it going.

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