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Do not forget:
Your game (Undergound) takes place at LUMIAR.
Mouras Shopping - Rua Silva Tavares n9 Store 3A (Floor 0)
Lumiar, Lisbon.

When entering through one of the 3 front doors of the mall, the store is on the lower floor (floor 0) all to the right, close to the WC.
(First riddle - Find the store) :)

2min walk from Metro Quinta das Conchas


In 2038, the third world war dictated the apocalypse.

After years of conflicts between different countries in the name of the insatiable desire for greatness and power, resorting to the use of increasingly sophisticated and fatal weapons, the planet gave way. Climate change, together with the economic, political and social problems that were already growing, the lack of basic living conditions, resulted in deaths and illnesses in proportions never imagined. Life as we know it has come to an end. In this new era, people simply survive.

Of the little that remains in Lisbon, there is a place they call Underground, hidden in a shopping mall, with a cover up name of Bom Bo Lon, where people go to have fun... But it's not a place for everyone. There, La Familia is in charge. But you belong to the Wolves. And one of yours is missing. In fact, one. It seems that her father got into debt and they took her there to work... until she paid what she owed.

That's why you and yours decided to go rescue her.

**Over 15 years old (can enter from 13 years old if accompanied by adults)

We DO NOT have an ATM on site.

------- IMPORTANT --------
Arrive at the scheduled time and ring the bell when ALL members of the group are ready.
Not 5 minutes before nor 5 minutes after.
The game will start at the scheduled time.

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